We have our own compressor to refill our tanks, that’s how we know we provide 100% fresh, 100% clean and 100% quality air for your next adventure.

Coltri MCH18 – 340L

Coltri MCH – 18 Tropical Plus Breathing Air compressor is great for medium to large dive shops on land or sea.

Scuba compressors are high-pressure air compressor systems that are designed to fill tanks that divers use for breathing underwater. They’re the same type of compressors used to provide air supply for firefighters as well as for oxygen tanks in hospitals. The differences between this type of compressor and standard compressors used for other purposes are mainly the pressure and resulting quality of the air it compresses


100% CLEAN


100% FRESH 

Ocean Divers Pro Valve with Din Insert
LUXFER Tank Aluminum Natural Finish 80CF

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