Life can get busy, and sometimes, our scuba diving skills can grow rusty if not put to practice regularly. That’s where the PADI Refresher Course comes in, offering a refreshing dive back into the underwater world.

What is the PADI Refresher course?

Designed for certified divers who want to regain confidence and sharpen their skills, the PADI Refresher Course provides a structured, guided way to reacquaint yourself with diving. Here’s what to expect:

1. Knowledge Review: The course begins with a knowledge review, allowing you to revisit important dive theory, safety procedures, and equipment use. This helps bring you up to speed with the latest information.

2. Open Water Session: You’ll head to the ocean, under the guidance of a certified PADI instructor. Here, you’ll practice essential scuba skills like mask clearing, buoyancy control, and regulator recovery. It’s a safe space to refresh your muscle memory. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you’re comfortable and confident in your abilities. These dives serves as a practical application of the skills you’ve refreshed.

How do I get started?

The PADI Refresher Course is beneficial for divers of all levels, whether you’re returning to diving after a hiatus or simply want to ensure that your skills are up to par. It’s a fantastic way to rebuild your dive skills and regain the thrill of exploring the underwater world.

What is included in the PADI Refresher Course

PRICE: 5.000 PHP

The course will take 1/2 a day and the following is included:

2 Open Water (ocean) Dives
Equipment rental
Environmental Fees
Snacks & Fruits on board
Coffee/tea/water on board




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