6 Reasons Why You will Love Scuba Diving

For divers there is no question of why scuba dive, only how, when and where will my next dive be. So where does this enthusiasm come from? There are so many recreational activities out there, so why Scuba Diving? Well let’s dive right into it! Remember, it’s only a short list. Not because we couldn’t think of anything else to add but because there are SO MANY reasons to go diving and we had to contain ourselves.


The chance to see the world!

70% of the world consists of water – why only explore 30%? Diving allows us to see more of the world. There are currently around 230.000 species discovered in the ocean, and it is expected that 60 to 80 per cent of species in the World’s oceans still remain undiscovered. Discovering the underwater world is truly an incredible experience and completely different from earth as you know it.


It’s easier than you think.

A lot of people think scuba diving is an extreme sport, but it’s not. Yes you have to do a course to reach the first level in Scuba Diving but that is for your own safety. Knowledge is power. The only skill you need is to be comfortable in the water. When you learn, an instructor is in the water to explain everything you need to know.


To feel the peace, weightlessness and freedom of breathing underwater.

No cell phone, no deadlines, no bosses. Just you and the ocean. Who wouldn’t want that!? The very first feeling you experience while SCUBA diving is the absolute freedom. You are freed from gravity. It is the perfect opportunity to feel amazed by the truly beautiful natural environment and feel closer to nature. When I am diving, I become one with the sea. Fishes come closer to take a curious look at me. You just want to stay underwater forever!


Meeting new people!

The dive community is among the friendliest in the world. Wherever you dive, you will always be in great company. It’s nice to hear how other people have experienced that dive and you will often find yourself sharing your stories before and after the dive. Many friendships have started during a course or fun dive. You all share the same passion for the ocean and feel bonded with one another. There’s always something to share because there’s a lot to love about diving.


It’s different everywhere you go, every time you go.

From the many beautiful spots in South-East Asia, to the Caribbean ocean in Middle America or to the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia. But diving is not only for the tropical oceans. Diving can be done in the ice cold waters in New Zealand, Iceland and even in the lakes of Austria. Every destination brings its own charm and adventures, along with the different creatures you will find all over the world. The Philippines is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Diving here is easy because we have slow currents, warm tropical water and while the sun is shining bright the visibility can be crystal clear!


The chance to dive with marine creatures.

Encounter sea turtles, one of the earth’s oldest creatures; gentle whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish; and whales, the magical creatures of the deep. You will be changed forever by these remarkable experiences. Luckily we have all of them here in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines! Another reason for you to pack you bags and come dive with us! 😉




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